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Name:Hunter Riverwood
Birthdate:Apr 8
Location:Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States of America

Hunter James Riverwood

Mun and Muse both 21+

I am not Chris Pratt. Journal used for Role Play purposes only.

Name: Hunter James Riverwood

Nickname: Hunt

Birthdate: April 8 1989

Place of Birth: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Ethnic background: Mother is English, Father is American

Brief description of home: moderately sized three bedroom apartment which he owns with a beautiful view of the ocean. He lives by himself at the moment, but will rent out the other two rooms, if needed.

Pets: Yes – a grey kitten named Bandit.

Current occupation: Teacher – English, Drama and coach for Lacrosse Team

Job Satisfaction: Very happy, loves every minute.

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Education, May go back to school for Master’s in Psychology.

Income Level: Moderate, however he is a trust fund baby of a surgeon and a lawyer, so he is not hurting, nor does he have to worry.

Does he Drive? Yes – A large black truck

Sexuality: Gay

Marital Status: Single

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 175

Body Type: Losing pounds and gaining muscle!

Eye Color: Blue

Glasses or Contact lenses: Reading glasses, that he will deny having.

Style: During the school day usually Kakis with a button down shirt and tie, polo and jeans on Friday, and gym shorts and t-shirt at lacrosse practice or home. Likes to dress up for date nights.

Personality: he is the kind of guy that will get along with most anybody; he has the reputation for having the fun classes, and treats his students like adults and with respect and gets the same in return. He would do anything for his lacrosse team and can often be found giving advice or listening, acting as a mentor for any of his students. At home, he is a romantic at heart, loves to make his partner happy, does romantic gestures texts tehm throughout the day to let them know they are being thought about. He is not one for getting drunk and partying, but does like having evenings out with friends, and can have fun in any setting.

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